20 Songs That Got Us Ready For This Millennium


Gospel music ministers don’t just wake up one morning and write songs. More often than not they get inspiration from heaven and whether we realize it or not these songs were heavenly downloads preparing us for these times. So, when you wake up in the morning and the song reckless love comes to your mind to sing in worship to God, know that God inspired Israel Houghton just for you. Just for that moment.


Below we will be going through the top 20 songs that got us through this millennium. 

Ancient of Days by Ron Kenoly

Off the Lift Him Up album which is Ron Kenoly’s second album. This song is evergreen. You could be in a gospel concert with millions of people in attendance from all over the world and people will connect to this song whether young or old from any tribe race or creed. 

Speak to Me by Kirk Franklin

There is a laid back feel to this song fissioned with some mid-tempo classic beat sprinkled with American style reggae. Speak to me is a song you sing when you seek to be closer with god even when you are not praying at the moment. That’s a wonderful thing. That and the simple lyrics and delivery. 

There was Jesus by Dolly Parton and Zach Williams

This 2019 country hit is a story of redemption and how Jesus is always there for you no matter what. Dolly Parton recently switched to making only Christian music although it has been a central theme of her songs for years. A classic example is her hit single coat of many colors which is based on the bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. 

God Will Make A Way by Don Moen. 

This song has seen us through difficult times. Times we didn’t know what to do and where help will come from; this song has simply built our faith and edged us on. Another timeless piece with all the words and notes still relevant till today. 

Jesus Is The Answer by Andrae Crouch

This 1973 hit still answers the question ‘what or who has the solution to the world’s problems today? Over the years, this song has been remade by several gospel music ministers including Walter Robbinson, Micheal W Smith, and so on

Elshadai by Amy Grant

We will always remember the sonorous voice of Amy Grant belting out this song. For a lot of us this was our childhood and might I add that it was multi-functional. It was a caller ringtone for some, an alarm tone for others, and the first song on a lot of playlists. Thank you, Amy Grant. God Bless You.

My Redeemer Lives by Nicole C Mullen

This particular song shattered records when it was released back in the year 2000.  20 years later it is still as impactful. Delivered by the same grate voice that brought us ‘on my knees’ in the same year and ‘Call On Jesus’ in 2001, Nicole has touched lives. 

More Than Enough by Alvin Slaughter

This is one of our favorite tracks in the ‘God Can’ album. The climax for a lot of people is the bridge that sings…
Much more than we ask or imagine
That’s what Your love can do
And Lord when Your strength fills our weakness;
It is more than enough to lift us to You…
That bridge resolving in the chorus alone is enough to revive your faith.

Stand by John P Kee

This song strengthens faith while transcending in time all at once. The message is to take a stand in Christ no matter what is going on around you. No one can argue that we need this song and the message therein now more than ever. 

Alabaster Box by Cece Winans

Stories in the bible teach us how to be closer to God and walk in His ways. When bible stories are illustrated in songs, even better. This song paints a clearer picture of the events that transpired when that woman emptied her alabaster box on Jesus. 

Your Latter Will Be Greater by Martha Munazi

A prophetic song that was released in 2003 has messages that are for this year. It seems though that this song is a message for the year 2020 that was delivered in 2003. Your Latter will be greater is Prophetic.  

I Will Bless The Lord At All Times by Joe Pace

We are always in need of a song that will remind us to bless the name of the Lord at all times no matter what we are going through. The joe pace version of his all-time classic gives the song a choir feel and a funk beat touch that renews the song each time we listen to it.

Shout Halleluyah by Bishop Clearance McClendon

A radical song or the time it was released. Shout hallelujah is a song that is capable of changing a sour mood to a happy on. high energy, efficient delivery, and well-coordinated instrumentation, you are sure to get on your feet except you are driving off course. 

Gospel Time by Beanie Man

Coming up in the hills of Shout Halleluyah by Bishop Clearance McClendon is a more radical song. The well-choreographed sequence that tells you how to give praise to God in all the segments of the song is a little unconventional especially for 1999; the year it was released. McDowell beanie man made a bold move and it paid off. 

My Heart Sings by William McDowell

My heart sings by William McDowell is a song for any time of the day, any day of the week, any week of the month, and any month of the year needless to say there is no more suitable to enjoy it better. You can easily ell hat the writer was simply lost for word as to what to qualify God. 

Open the Eyes Of My Heart by Paul Baloche

Yeaning more of God in this season couldn’t have been better put into song. One would have expected that a song with this manner of message would be better delivered in a slower beat but this mid-tempo funk genre proved to be a better choice. 

Israel Houghton’s version Of Reckless Love

Expressing with all abandon the reckless love of God towards us his children and indeed all mankind, this track tries to picture the length at which Christ can go for us based on His love. One reason any song that speaks about the love of God cannot fade is that His love for mankind cannot. 

Finish Strong by Jonathan Nelson

In this race that we run, you’ve got to have endurance cos it’s a marathon… need more be said? A daily dose of this will serve as a constant reminder that finishing strong is important if not more than starting strong. 

In Your presence by Chris Bowater

This 1989 classic has enjoyed several remakes so much so it is almost difficult to pinpoint Chris Bowater as the original composer. His lyrics are so powerful we still have not been able to recover. This is a worship song that takes you directly into the realm of worship. 

Instrument of Peace by Kirk Deaman

Adapted from the original composition of St Francis of Assisi, Instruments of pace is a song that transcends time and religion.Written by:
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