20 Amazing Gospel Hits That Has Brought Me Through To 2020 (Part 1)


I like to think that I had a wonderful childhood full of love and laughter. My parents brought me up in the way of the Lord and this accounts for a major part of who I am now. Going to church as a big deal in our family. It still is as a matter of fact. So for people like me who loved to sing, it was only natural that I progressed for the children choir to the teens choir and landed in the adult choir eventually.

When you have been in the choir for that long, it is only expected you know by heart a lot of gospel songs.

Over the years some have stayed with me with memories attached to them. Well, in this 2 part series, ill be taking a trip down memory lane as I go over the top 20 amazing gospel music songs that has brought me through to 2020. Come with me.

Agnus Dei by Donnie Mcluckin – This one was a crowd please. What I mean by this is at that times when I’m leading worship and I’m stuck, this was my go to song. With proper instrumentation, the climax part always did it for me. Still does. This praise and worship song is ever green.

You are alpha by Israel Houghton and the new breed – Another amazing worship song with the steady ascending progression and all, some personal fellowship time had me singing this song all through. It was a favorite of mine.

God will make a way by Don Moen – Children choir. Children’s day celebration. No I didn’t sing; I conducted the choir as we sang this song. I remember I couldn’t sleep the night before, I was so nervous. To god be the glory we delivered.

Awesome wonder by Kurt Carr – When this song was released, Kurt Carr was the main deal in Nigeria, (he still is) and back then if you didn’t know this gospel music artist, you were a learner. We scored awesome wonder like our lives depended on it. Sure we sang it in the choir a few times but you see those days our learning these songs were not for the choir neither was it really for our personal development. They were to show off how current we were to our peers. God forgive us.

Trading my sorrows by Women of FaithThe entire album was a hit back to back. This particular track was one of my favorite. If I was taking praise and worship and I was doing the funk genre, this song had to be a part of it. In fact, chances are that I’d begin with it. I’d go like… “You know I’m so grateful that I can give all that I have, all that I am to Him who loves me more than anything in the world…”

What a beautiful name by Hillsong This one is deep. This one got me through re discovering myself in the place of worship. It was on repeat on my phone for one week straight. True story. I still have not gotten over it.

Master of the universe by Panam Percy Paul – Junior Secondary School (jss1). Valedictory party for the graduating seniors I was among the team that choreographed this song. I still remember the moves. Let me tell you a secret; I still did the choreography about a week ago. It is hard to forget when senior Kike flogs you twice during rehearsals. Till date I don’t know if to pray for her.

I will worship the lord for he is worthy by Leonel Peterson – This one was another choreography but in church this time. The song was a hit and we performed so well we went to another church to perform. We were stars. Benita Okojie wouldn’t dare!

Days of Elijah by Donnie MclurkinMay the gentle soul of Dan Foster rest in peace! i was in senior secondary school and while getting ready for school most we listened to Dan Foster on Cool FM. He almost always plays this song and all the time it sets my mood for the day. Those were the days

Lord I lift your name on high by Maranatha praise band – This list wouldn’t be complete without a song form the Maranatha praise band. They were the hillsong of that time Later I’d realize however the correct lyrics was supposed to be ‘from the grave to the throne’ and not ‘sky’ talk about getting deeper in the word.

To be continued…

Written by:
Anthony Olushola Undiandeye

Anthony Olushola Undiandeye is a passionate and dedicated creative who finds joy in providing solutions to problems. An astute lover of God, and a critic of all things creative content creator, radio host, and social media manager.  Shola tells it as he sees it.

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