(Video) Unsung Heroes A Salute To The Workers On The Front Line


The purpose of this project is to say thank you to the many unsung heroes of this current crisis; it’s about heralding the front-line workers, those who day in and day out risk and sometimes lose their lives in their passionate endeavor to heal the sick. In saying thank you, this song is also a celebration of these individuals who are working to meet people’s needs.

We appreciate you, we rejoice that you are there for us, and we want to encourage you to keep working for the love of people. Most of all, we want you to understand that your hard

work does not go unnoticed. We see you.

As we were working remotely, Tony, Martin and I had to use the software and resources we had available to create a song that would effectively say thank you. It wasn’t easy. Much of the composition and arranging necessarily took place via Skype – so, thank you Skype. Most of all, the successful completion of this project relied on the gracefulness and efforts of all

Available to download at SPOTIFY

YouTube (music video)

Lyrics by Tony Taylor,
Song Melody by Rachel Hawkes,
Music by Martin Turner

For more information and/or press email Rachel@htmusic.co.uk @htmusic18