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In 2019, US Based Cameroonian artists, PanditaNjoh and Joy Forze partnered to release an album titled “Nothing Else Matters”. The album was produced by Nigerian producer Wale Owoade and released in April of 2019.

“Ps Joy and I were supposed to record just one song based on initial plans. However, when we continued working together, we realized we had written more than just one song together. So, we decided to work on a full album. One of the songs on the album—Nations’ Anthem— is especially so dear to my heart because it was inspired by the happenings in the nation of Cameroon. However it can be applicable to what is happening around the world right now since it is a plea to God for mercy and for Him to heal our land. I pray and believe that as many as would listen to the album, they would be drawn closer to God and His glory would shine upon them.” –remarked Pandita.

Before the year ended, the duo was seen working on some videos for some of the songs from the album. One of the songs for which a video was done is the song Testimony. TESTIMONY is a song of praise recounting the goodness of God in their lives. It’s a song that everyone can connect to and have a medium of expressing their gratitude to God for daily miracles. They added a Cameroonian take on it with the “Nack Tory” which could be interpreted as lets discuss or talk about something.

Many of their international followers were asking for the meaning of that part as everything else was sung in English.

The video to the song Testimony was released earlier this year, precisely in February.  The video was received with so much enthusiasm from many around the world. However, if you have not seen the video yet, what are you waiting for?

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