With its message of positivity, “Count Your Blessings” the perfect track for today’s challenging times, and it’s a message we all can relate to.

The video was filmed initially in San Francisco while Lori shot her performance footage in a recording studio during her time working on her musical entitled “A DJ Stole My Life” in Switzerland.

The young actors portrayed in the music video’s storyboard illustrates the ups and downs of all relationships and how we can count our blessings to having someone to love and support each other in the end. Something we all can identify with at one point or another in all our lives.CAPP Records is excited to introduce an incredible new, original track from a powerhouse singer and songwriter, Lori Glori. The track, Count Your Blessings, is itself a testament to the energy, attitude, and faith of Lori herself. In fact, her story of courage and determination will draw you in as much as the heartfelt songwriting and polished production that you’ll find in our remixes.


About Lori Glori

Born Lori Ham in San Francisco, she and her sisters Denise and Angela started out by singing gospel. Later, she served as a front woman for Bill Summers and Summers Heat, and it was touring with Summers that took her to Europe. While there, she fell in love with Germany, establishing a foothold in the country where she’d eventually find romance, and build a life and family. But the early years of her music career there were bittersweet; a big-name producer engaged Lori to write and perform Eurodance tracks that would eventually become multiplatinum successes in the 1990’s — but not for Lori. Her voice stolen through contractual fine print, Lori’s songs and vocals went uncredited; and for videos and performances, another performer lip synced to her work. Devastated, Lori stepped away from music. The episode would later become the subject of a book release in Germany, Lori Glori: Die bewegende Geschichte einer Sängerin (Lori Glori, the moving story of a singer), which is currently being adapted into a musical stage production in Switzerland, premiering in 2024.

Thankfully, Lori’s indominable spirit couldn’t be suppressed, and she eventually returned to music — this time, on her own terms with the track Count Your Blessings. With its message of positivity, it’s the perfect track for today’s challenging times, and it’s a message we all can relate to.

But the journey to this release was fraught; having recorded it at a studio in Paradise City, California, the California wildfires in November 2018 destroyed both the studio and the master recordings, leaving Lori with only a rough demo recording. Presenting the demo to us at CAPP Records in late 2023, we immediately recognized the song’s incredible potential.

Producers Cary August & Steely M were able, with the help of AI technology, to extract and rescue Lori’s powerful vocal performance. In the process, they created a vibrant mix that brings a mainstream 90’s filter-house vibe to the track, with production that’s both contemporary, and generation-spanning, letting Lori’s amazing lyrics and vocals shine brightly. Next up, our remix from Tom Pulse delivers a stellar deep house treatment that’s sure to be a dance floor DJ favorite!

Superstar DJ and producer Rico Bernasconi (well-known for his remixes of Coolio, Sean Paul, Boney M., and many more) gave the track an edgy progressive house remix. Finally, we end with a tribute to Lori’s early years on the Eurodance scene, bringing you a 90’s-infused treatment from Italian DJ and remixer, Randy Norton.

We’re confident you’ll fall in love both with this amazing track — and with the amazing talent of Lori Glori.

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