Internationally recognized praise band Planetshakers and the dynamic, multicultural youth ministry of Planetshakers Church, planetboom, kick-off 2024 with three new singles. Planetshakers releases both the joyful, high energy “Praise On It” and the worshipful, anthemic “You Have My Heart” as planetboom shares the funky R&B single “L O V E.” The new music is available globally today (Jan. 12) from Venture3Media (V3M) at all major digital and streaming outlets via,  and

Planetshakers’ “Praise On It” was written by Andy Harrison and Josh Ham while Joth Hunt produced the track as well as wrote and produced “You Have My Heart.” Planetboom’s “L O V E” was written by Noah Walker and Ham, who also produced the single. Each band will lead the new music live this month at both the Presence Planetshakers Conference 2024 events being held today through Jan. 13 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and Jan. 19-20 at Citipointe Main Auditorium in Brisbane, Australia.

“The presence of God has been our pursuit since the beginning of Planetshakers Conferences,” shares Planetshakers Church Pastor Russell Evans. “It is true that He is always with us, but it is also true that when God’s presence is experienced tangibly that there are changes that take place in our lives. It’s like when Jesus walks into a village or region and people would gather around him with all sorts of needs and God’s presence and power would be there to heal, deliver and transform.”

Last fall, Planetshakers released Show Me Your Glory – Live At Chapel, a 12-song and 12-video project that was recorded live in-the-round and led by the band members singing along with Planetshakers Bible College students in their chapel. Recorded in a musically accessible way for smaller gatherings, the chapel album features 12 songs from the full production album Show Me Your Glory released this past summer.

Planetboom’s new single follows last year’s release of “Home (Here In Your Presence) – Demo,” “The Commission – Live,” “I Was Made For This – Demo,” “Greatest In The World,” “Lion of Judah” / “One and Only“ and “Out With The Old.” These singles capture the group’s unique and eclectic sonic identity that ranges from big, broad statements about the church family to intimate, personal moments between individuals and God.

About Planetshakers Band:
The mandate of Planetshakers – empowering generations to win generations – is outworked globally through the ministry of Planetshakers band. The heart behind each of its endeavors is to see every generation empowered by a life-transforming personal encounter with God through the experience of authentic praise and worship.

Birthed in a youth revival in Adelaide, South Australia (2000), the band serves Planetshakers Church, founded by Russell and Sam Evans, and tours the world. Known for songs such as “Nothing is impossible,” “The Anthem,” “Leave Me Astounded” and “Endless Praise,” and having produced over 30 internationally-acclaimed albums, Planetshakers band has been privileged to be used by God to release a fresh sound of praise and worship into atmospheres internationally.

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About planetboom:
The youth movement of Planetshakers Ministries, planetboom exists to empower the next generation to win their generation; to bind diverse groups of young people together to carry forward the legacy of raw, powerful and personal faith. Its diverse youth culture represents at least 60 nationalities and translates the mission of Planetshakers Church into music that creates a unique space for an international audience to find an intimate sense of belonging as part of the church family.

Embodying the next generation, planetboom is passionate about encountering God and seeking His presence. Its young musicians, songwriters and vocalists lead thousands of teenagers in breakthrough praise and worship every week. Relentless in their pursuit of God, they seek to change the culture around them through a new sound of praise and worship that is both relevant and powerful. Along with Youth Group Foyer Vibes, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, planetboom released You, Me, The Church, That’s Us last year, JC Squad in 2021, and, in 2019, launched its acclaimed full-length debut, companion book and audiobook, all entitled Jesus Over Everything.

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About Venture3Media:
Venture3Media is a global music label and song publisher with sales, marketing, promotional, radio, television and movie expertise. V3M provides distribution platforms across all digital channels, including, but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Tencent, 7Digital, Google Music, Facebook, Pandora, Tidal, Sirius and Rhapsody. Physical distribution includes online retailers such as Amazon, national retail chains, sub-distributors and internationally through well-established licensee’s and distributors. V3M is excited to build a global ecosystem that serves the vision and heart of Planetshakers.