Elder Juanita Francis partners with Compassion UK for All Out Worship (AOW)


The UK’s premier worship and creative arts conference is back for the second year running. “All Out Worship” which is the brainchild of Ruach City Church’s Elder Juanita Francis, was birthed to create a safe space for creatives to be refuelled, replenished, and rejuvenated. “It’s a place to be empowered and receive the “marching orders” to move ahead for the year,” said Elder Juanita Francis.

Themed “Live Again”, this year’s event promises to be bigger and will cover a wide array of topics including leading worship & preparation, working with musicians new and old school, understanding production and programming, mental health, song writing and dance.

Speaking about the event Elder Juanita said: “The Lord gave me a vision of a hospital ward that had creatives in the beds coding. I saw a vision of worship leaders on drips and in the drips had the words “All out Worship” and different speaker’s names. God told me to create a safe space for creatives to be made whole (this aligns with the hospital theme promo campaign). The Holy Spirit took me to Ezekiel 37 – the popular passage about the valley of dry bones; bones speak of promises. God asked me if the creatives could live again ……my response was ABSOLUTELY. My heart for AOW 2023 is for creatives to live again.”

She went on to add: “I am super excited to partner with Compassion UK for this year’s event. I love their heart for missions and believe that together we can release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Once our creatives are revived and refuelled, they’ll in turn pour back into the kingdom and I strongly believe that some of these children will be the beneficiaries of the overflow of God’s goodness.”

Founded in 1952, Compassion is a Christian child development charity releasing children from poverty, in Jesus’ name. Compassion partners with local churches to empower infants, children and young people to overcome all forms of poverty. Working in more than 25 countries globally, the mission is to give children the opportunity to thrive and reach their God-given potential both now and into the future.

Compassion’s child development programmes are holistic, giving children support in every area of their lives – their body, mind, heart and spirit. Because Compassion works exclusively in partnership with local churches who know their communities inside out, their programmes are tailored to a child’s age, gender, health, culture and family situation. Independent research shows they are highly effective, and now more than 2 million children being released from poverty around the world.

When asked about the Compassion/AOW partnership during a Premier Gospel Interview, Compassion UK’s Regional Manager (South East & London), Rona Anderson said: “Who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Juanita [chuckles] She is absolutely phenomenal, energetic and vibrant. I’ve heard her heart; her heart is for transformation and change and that’s where we have a meeting of two hearts to say with Compassion, we want to transform lives. I’m excited to see where this relationship leads.”

All Out Worship is from Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th February at Ruach City Church Kilburn.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite