The Capstone: Who Will Go For Us – Pastor Beulah Tokunbo Johnson



The Greek calls it the ‘Ecclesia’(assembly, congregation).  But the power was on God’s Presence in the midst of them and not on their own corrupted, ‘mixed multitude’ presence. God’s Church is all about His Presence which lives in the individual ‘Ecclesia’

The church existed in the Old Testament. (See the Acts 7:38)

Church is not about you getting material acquisitions, it is not about the lighting, big screens, fancy sermons, good music and breathtaking edifices or trendy places of worship.

The real and authentic church happens when God locks you down, shows you his glory.

God cleanses you and sets you ablaze with holy ghost and power which you need to impact your world hereby fulfilling Kingdom purpose.

“Here I am send me….”
The real church is You !

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– Beulah Tokunbo Johnson

Senior Elder – The Capstone

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