[Music + Video] Thank You – Veronique


Veronique the Canada based gospel music artist releases another exciting song titled THANK YOU.

Veronique presents the new song with an inspirational and unforgettable music video to remind believers and everyone worldwide that thanksgiving is the only way to enjoy the riches of God’s grace.

This playful-sounding piece written and composed by Veronique expresses all the joy she feels through the grace and mercy of the Creator.

When the enemy came thinking he got me he couldn’t find anyone but you, my life is hidden in You with Christ in You.» – Veronique, Thank You.

In this new song, with music produced and mixed by Promarck and mastered by Jake Hyndman Whittier, the artist sings all her love and recognition towards God who, through his light, gives her the serenity, hope, joyfulness and force to carry on.

According to Veronique, if people would take the time to count their blessings and especially to thank the One in whom they have faith each day, then they would see how much life is worth living and they would be able to see the positive even when they go through difficult trials.

“Thank You” is a real balm for the heart, the body, the soul and the spirit according to the web magazine BantouQueen (Cameroon)

All the energy, well-being and enthusiasm that Veronique shares in her lyrics are contagious. Listening to this song will without a doubt put a smile on your lips and
chase your worries away.

I’ve been thinking about Your kind of love, I’ve never seen anything like it You are the only You, There’s none like You.» – Veronique, Thank You.

Watch Video Below;


Father of Glory you’ve made it possible 

for me to be standing right where I am praising                              
What shall I give you Abba eh
You who neither sleeps nor slumbers have made sure 

that coming in going out I’m a blessing
Cause you have blessed me Abba eh
When the enemy came thinking he got me

he couldn’t find anyone but You
My life is hidden in You
With Christ in You
So I’ve been thinking about Your kind of love 

I’ve never seen anything like it
You are the only You
There’s none like You

(That’s why I’m saying)
Thank You for who You are
Father I say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
For all you have done
Only You could ever do this for me
I give you all the glory
Thank You for Your love
I’m counting my blessings, counting, counting               
To You praise is due, To You praise is due

Na na na na na …

Thank You for Your grace      
it prevails                               
Yes the word of Your grace in me prevails                     
Cause You are the great I Am
Almighty Jehovah             
Thank You for Your grace      
It prevails

Thank You for not being slow in keeping Your promises, as many may have thought You are, but for being patient, not wanting anyone to perish but giving a chance for all to repent. Thank You Father

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