Album: THE OIL – Taiwo Emmanuel


Taiwo Emmanuel the London based gospel artist releases her brand new album titled THE OIL

“God said to me you called unto me in HEAVENLY FATHER (1st Album) and declared you belong to Him in I BELONG TO YOU (2nd Album); more importantly you keep yourself holy declaring it to Him in YOU ARE HOLY (3rd Album).


The exact reason The OIL (more & more OIL) for His Kingdom work plus service is released”!!!  (2 Corinthians 1:21-22, 1 John 2:20, 1 Samuel 10:1, Isaiah 60:8).
The OIL is an outpouring of immeasurable amount of grace, power, and fire to do Gods work the more. It’s the exceptional level to function in the level The Almighty God expects us to operate as His ambassadors.


The instruction received is that it’s “The Oil for Kingdom Service”. Hence, the reason it’s meant for we (us) and everyone that need/want more & more unction to function from God; as it ensures the release of Gods power where there will be healings, deliverance, breakthroughs, refreshing etc. in Jesus Mighty Name.


Also for anyone who might have felt down, talked down on in anything: adequacies, achievements, attainmentsetc. Gods own OIL can strengthen and equip, empowers us to do far above what we can think of because in Him we can do all things; only in Christ.


The OIL Album comprises of 10 Tracks that are interrelated and based on the same level of inspiration received directly from God. Each of the track received have their messages plus blessings separately that can be discovered when listened to.


1. Welcome You
2. Let Us Sing
3. Magnificent
4. Magnify
5. Rise
6. The OIL
7. This Is God
8. Sweet Jesus
9. I am Yours
10. Who’s Like The Lord


Album available on DIGITAL STORES


Taiwo Oluwayemisi Emmanuel is a seasoned Minister of The Most High God who unreservedly depends on the leading and inspiration of The Holy Spirit in everything. She will go to any length to proclaim God’s praise. As a matter of fact, she stepping out as a music artist is   because God told her “it’s time to sing your songs out there; I have touched your tongue with coals of fire”.


According Taiwo, “The reason I waited till now to start releasing songs as I normally wouldn’t want to, because I have written gospel songs over the years and gave them out,  is mainly because I heard God clearly telling me to begin to put songs out.”

Taiwo loves and enjoys giving  her full support in worship ministry to everyone when and where needed.  She is a music minister, Singer-Songwriter, Worship Leader, Public Speaker, Gospel Preacher, Author of several books which include worship book/manual: Worshippers Worship Ways, and a full-time hardworking mother of two lovely ladies, Esther and Elisabeth Emmanuel.

Taiwo has been writing on worship constantly since 2010. She released her first book on worship titled “Worshippers Worship Ways” in February 2019 and the e-copy  is available on Amazon while hardcopies are available on request. Since the release of this book, she has received great testimonies about how the book is impacting God’s worshippers worldwide.

Taiwo was born on the 29th of April 1974 and raised in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa. She relocated to London in 2006 and currently lives in London, United Kingdom. She ministers and sings inspirational music in churches, communities, events – birthdays, naming ceremonies, and anniversaries all over the world.

Taiwo is also a twin, raised and trained by her mother: Late Mrs Caroline Olujimi Oluwole who also loved praising and worshipping God, singing hymns in particular.


According to Taiwo, “Having to hold my mother in my arms as she went to be with The Lord in June 2003 has given me so much encouragement over the years that nothing can separate me from the love of God. As such, singing hymns and church songs really inspired me from childhood and helped me develop my music knowledge, focus, and service in the gospel music industry.


Growing up, I loved and enjoyed all my singing at home, behind the scenes, wherever & whenever I was alone. In the past, I usually lay in the background and supported others who are into gospel music ministry. But along the line, God instructed me to step-out and proclaim His praise & worship for the world to see Christ in me.


As an individual, through this development, I have personally had an unforgettable worship experience because I believe worshipping The Almighty God starts from the vessel before the vessel can give it out. As you cannot give what you do not have or what you have never experienced before.


As a result of this, I discovered I needed to give back the gifts deposited in me fully. And I know this would not be achieved while I was laying back. So some years ago, I stepped up and started singing in a choir in RCCG Living Waters parish, Obanikoro and till date, I still sing in as many churches I am invited to minister.”


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