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Daniel Ojo the highly anointed Canada based Psalmist finally releases his much anticipated new album titled TRUST.

This album started off as just a single. Sometime last year, I was studying Ps. 20:7, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” (NIV) and God was showing me how this verse is so relevant even in our present generation. 

God has been taking me though the significance of “Chariots” and “Horses”, and how easy it is to trust in them than in Him! And it’s so easy to read this verse and just move on like it doesn’t apply to us, after all no one is riding horses and chariots on a day-to-day basis.

Chariot is like an abode, a shield, a shelter, essentially the life we have built for ourselves! How easy it is to trust in our own wisdom, experience, prowess and achievements.

One thing peculiar about horses is their speed and God was teaching me how easy it is for us in this time and generation to ignore the PROCESS! We want things done quickly, faster, nobody is willing to wait on God, in fact we think God is too slow and his timing does not work with ours!

These are some of the things God was revealing to me in my closet, and I started writing the song “Trust” literally from this verse.

But then as I continued in this verse, God started giving me more songs, a few of them I had already released as a single, but all of a sudden 1song became 5songs, I thought I would release an EP at some point… but 5 songs became 8songs!!! And here we are, a FULL ALBUM!

This album is one of my best projects so far! And from the verse I just talked about, every single song is a reminder to ALWAYS put our TRUST in Jesus! Every single song points back to God!! And my sincere prayer is that as many people that listen to this song, they will experience God in a new way and be encouraged to put their TRUST in nothing else, no chariots, no horses, no man, but JESUS!!

I am truly grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to write these songs and excited to share with the world.

This project is not complete without acknowledging the amazing men and women of God that have been a HUGE part of this. These are men and women God placed on my heart specifically to be a part and I am so grateful for the life they added to this project! I have no words but to say thank you, Benita Jones, Joe Mettle, Kimberly Adé, Michael Manhertz, Jennifer Lewin, Leah Samuels, Kiara-Patrice, Christiana Washington! You all are AMAZING and I truly love and appreciate you!

Also, to my incredible producer, Hillary Godwin, honestly you are God-sent to me. You have the right ear! Not just musically but spiritually!! Thank you for bringing out the mind of God on each of this song! You’re definitely one of the best I have ever worked with!! And the amazing Kemy Siala (Bassist), Lacy Comer (Drummer), Johnathan MJ Miller (Electric Guitarist), Outluk Records (Mixing Engineer), Dan Shike (Mastering Engineer), honestly you guys are THE BEST!!!! Thank you for bringing out the best out of this project!! I appreciate your professionalism and skill! Really above and beyond!!

And to everyone else that has one way or the other been a part of this project, directly or indirectly, I see you and I appreciate you! THANK YOU!!

Lastly, to my incredible and supportive wife, Augustina Ojo, THANK YOU! Absolutely no way I would have been able to do this without you! THANK YOU for writing some of these songs with me, praying for me, and always supporting me! I appreciate you and my most adorable princess Rebecca Ojo. You guys are my heart! I LOVE YOU!

THANK YOU to all my fans and supporters from all over the world! Let’s spread this news together! TRUST in Jesus!

Album Available on DIGITAL STORES


1. Trust In The Lord2. Thank You Lord ft. Joe Mettle

3. Solid Rock (Reprise) ft. Jennifer Lewin
4. Greater (Reprise) ft. Leah Samuels
5. Jesus
6. Jehovah ft. Kaira-Patrice, Kimberly Adé & Michael Manhertz
7. My Desire ft. Christiana Washington
8. We Lift You High ft. Benita Jones
Daniel Ojo is a worship leader, gospel recording artist, songwriter, singer, producer, teacher, husband, and father. He is the Worship Leader of The Psalmist Music Ministry and also the CEO of Psalmist Records Label, a Canadian Independent Record Label. 


Daniel Ojo was born in Nigeria but currently resides in Ottawa, Canada having completed his master’s degree in engineering management at the University of Ottawa and currently works full time as a Project Manager. He’s also a dedicated member and worship leader at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Overcomer Place, Ottawa.

Passionate for the Gospel and spreading the love of Jesus all over the world through his God-given gift, his music and message has spanned all over the world, reaching thousands of people.

Daniel Ojo has released a number of albums and singles, working with some very amazing singers and award-winning gospel artists from all over the world, the likes of Benita Jones, Geoffrey Golden, Javis Mays, Joe Mettle, Ryan Ofei, Kimberly Adé, Michael Manhertz and others.

Daniel Ojo’s passion for the gospel and selflessness has inspired a lot of people through the years in discovering their God-given gifts and also being a blessing to the world around them.

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