Artist Spotlight: Wura Grant

Wura Grant is a christian praise and worship leader, singer, and songwriter.


Her life mission is “to share the love and word of God through music”.


Her musical style is one of jubilant praise and worship to the glory of God. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Finance from Keller Graduate School. 


In a world full of talented singers, Wura Grant stands out from the crowd.  


Significantly, beyond her dynamic voice and her ability to convey the message of God through song in such an authentic and powerful, her real competitive advantage is fully characterised by her compassion for others coupled with her unshakeable faith in God. 


She crowns all these amazing traits with an unforgettable anointing and you have the music ministry of WURA GRANT.
Fans of the artist and worship leader have been lifting hands to her debut single, “There Is A Name” and she’s touching their hearts again with her brand new single, “Alleluia”.  
The first song from the forthcoming record is the power ballad “There Is A Name” which was #1 on the Urban Christian Music Radio Chart and #5 on the Contemporary Christian Music Radio Chart in 2014.  
Clearly inspired by the experiences in her life, she wrote the song as a testament to the power in the Name of Jesus. 
The track reiterates the sacred scripture from Philippians 2:10: “At the Name of Jesus every knee must bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”. The song wasn’t just a testament to the power of God, but for Wura, it was a song of healing for her emotionally and mentally. “After sharing the song over and over again, I could feel the healing power of God on the inside of me,” says Wura.  “I was determined to share that message with others so that they could feel what I felt.”
Wura is honored by the blessed opportunities and the recognition, but for her it’s all about the music and the God she serves. 
“Music is like oxygen to me,” shares Wura, Without it, I don’t think I could breathe.  It’s what makes me who I am.  It’s such a source of life to me.  And God is the source of life.  I just want to share what He’s given me with the world.” – Wura Grant
Wura keeps waxing stronger in the industry and her talk show SOUL TALK WITH WURA is a great blessing to the nations.
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