Author’s Profile – Babatunde Rufai

Tunde is the chief creative officer at Plain of Sharon. A small fit- for-purpose creative agency. He leads the way in making Plain of Sharon a ‘sweet spot’ for brands, and anyone sick and tired of cheap thrill brand marketing. Having worked in advertising and marketing for over 14 years at various capacities, Tunde brings freshness, a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this role. 


He has an engineering background and has worked in the Private, Public and Non- Profit sectors. 


Curious Water… An Anthology of Hope under Threat is his debut poetry book, although the joy of being a first-time dad inspired a children eBook on Amazon. 


Curious Water is a contemplative collection of poems and thoughts that speaks the language of awe, admiration, joy, despair, fear, frustration, childhood fantasy, struggle, triumph, priority, vulnerability, and a die-hard eternal hope under threat. A hope not made with human hands in the face of chaotic disorder. It paints a challenging and pulsating vivid dichotomy between hope and hopelessness both residing in the hinterland of life.
Tunde is a true champion of creativity and a firm believer in creating your own opportunity. A member of the Alliance of Independent authors (ALLI, UK). 


His ambition is to live a purpose and be a voice for the unrecognized talents in the local community. He is an Arsenal football fan and a lover of chess.