Nikki Laoye – None + YOU = Me (Official Video)

Multi-Award winning Soul Singer, Nikki Laoye has released the captivating visuals for her soulful classic single,“None + YOU = Me”, off her first Angel 4 Life Album , in celebration of her solo musical career spanning over 14years and her upcoming 40th birthday.


One of Nikki’s favourite penned songs and Produced by Port-Harcourt based producer, Victor Okon of Etrackz Productions, she creatively expresses the ultimate love equation with a groovy soulful tune and lyrics like, “If I multiply You & You, it just makes a better Me; If I subtract You from myself, it only leaves me empty”


Speaking about the song and video, Nikki shares:  “Finally I got the chance to shoot the video for one of my favorite songs from my debut album, Angel 4 Life. It was a lot of fun, creating this masterpiece video with Snatcha during the lockdown in the UK, while showing off the beautiful sights of Southend-On-Sea.


The video is a beautiful expression of my Joy, Love and Confidence in my Great King, The Lover of my Soul who has been my Strength, who has kept me through it all and He keeps loving me endlessly as I turn 40 on the 19th of December.


It’s also been 14 Amazing years of my career since my first single in 2006 and there’s no better way to celebrate God’s faithfulness all through these years than to highlight one of my soulful classics from my very first Angel 4 Life Album.


God is indeed my Everything and There would be No Me without Him”


With its Video creatively shot and directed by Snatcha (of the legendary Rooftop MCs) at Southend-On-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom, the enchanting jazz number reveals once again the eclectic urban style and unique addictive vocals of Nikki Laoye.


The Audio is Available on DIGITAL STORES.
Watch The Official Video Below;


LYRICS – NONE + YOU = ME by Nikki Laoye


Lover of my soul
I couldn’t help but write you something
When I think about you and how much you mean to me
I come up with this simple equation
You Know, That None + You = Me
That’s right, That’s what you are to me


Verse 1
Like the sun rays kiss the sky
Like the birds have wings to fly
As Easy as ABC, Like counting from 123
None + YOU just = Me


In its pure simplicity
You and You add up to Me
Wonderfully Made, Nothing’s out of place
I can only say


None + YOU just = Me
All of You and None of Me
None + YOU just = Me
You are My Everything, My Everything


Verse 2
You’re my only reality
It’s in You that I find Me
My very existence, I survive in your presence
You’ve captured my heart from the start


If I multiply YOU and You
It just makes a better Me
If I subtract YOU from myself
It only leaves me empty
‘Cos Without You, I am Nothing


None + YOU just = Me
All of You and None of Me
None + YOU just = Me
You are My Everything, My Everything


Lord, You are my Everything
It’s just like ABC, counting from 123
Oh, You and You add up to Me
Oh what a feeling!
I can’t explain it


You mean the world to me
To me, To me
You are my Everything
Oh eh Yeah


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