Album: My Ultimate Worship – Francis Armah


Sensational Gospel Artiste Francis Armah releases a new album called “My Ultimate Worship” which brings a new dynamic to worship

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Francis Armah is a Worship leader, Singer and Songwriter who has emerged as one of the best up and coming Artists in the UK. The British Ghanaian born worship Artist dedicated himself to his music career early. It all began in Ghana where he established himself as a well-known name within the Ghanaian community.


The first single from the album, ‘Gye W’ayeyi’ was released in 2019 blessed the multitudes and opened great doors for Francis. His rise to success enabled him to organise successful live worship events and in October 2020 Francis orchestrated a virtual concert called ‘My Ultimate Worship’ which was very well received.


Francis has recently been nominated as International act of the year. He describes his music as Gospel, Praise and Worship. The standards he lives by is reflected in his daily life, as he believes worship is a lifestyle. His music is soulful and has a strong compound, you can hear his passion throughout the album.

Francis gets his song writing inspiration from the Holy Spirit. He communicates with God during his devotional times and receives the lyrics and melodies. All his songs are inspired by his life experiences.


Being a firm believer of operating in spirit of excellence, this can evidently be seen in all his music and events. He takes pride in everything he does and professionalism is his second nature. He hopes to show his musical professionalism when he tours around the world, including paying homage to his birth place, Ghana.


Growing up with a Christian upbringing, Francis first realised he could sing when he sung during ‘children’s day’ at church, there an awe of his singing arose and the church nurtured his gift allowing him the platform to share this gifting with others. At this point Francis understood that no matter what he became in life that he would continue to pursue singing.


Francis music influences stemmed from family members who were in the choir, his father an alto, his aunt a soprano and his uncle sang tenor. His main influence was his aunt, who Francis admired as he grew. Becoming the drama President was just one of Francis’ many achievements, as well as singing he came to love drama when he started secondary school, where he developed his skills and rose in confidence.


Friends and family are a big part of Francis’ life and help keep him focused on his life goals but most importantly he wants to make God proud. He states:


“If I give up, I have disappointed myself but also I would be letting God down.”


Although Francis enjoyed supporting major Ghanaian Artist such as Eugene Zuta as a backing vocalist, Francis now takes centre stage following the calling from God in his movement ‘My Ultimate Worship’.