[Music + Video] “GOODBYE LOV3R” by JUM3E

Following on from his success after releasing “Raindrops” in 2019, which reached No.1 on
the UK Christian Music (AStep FWD) charts, rising Southeast London singer/songwriter JUM3E (pronounced Joo-Mee) has released his new single, “GOODBYE LOV3R”.

On this track, the blue haired singer demonstrates his versatility by moving away from his usual RnB/Trap Bryson Tiller esk style and coming with a modern slowed and reverb track which catches the ear. With its synth lead, caked in reverb and combined with JUM3E’s pitched down vocals, “GOODBYE LOV3R” is a relaxing piece of music which paints a picture for the listener, explaining the battle of trying to make time for God after feeling conviction.


Produced by esteemed Florida beat-maker Dee Money (Fetty Wap, Lil Pump, Future) and Dimuro, the infectious track, with its melodic eerie chorus was released at the end of June 2020. Since then it has been getting a lot of positive support from local DJs and Christian online radio stations and its lyric video has just got under 1k views on his own YouTube channel.


As the self-proclaimed ‘King of Slowed and Reverb’, JUM3E has no intentions of disappointing his ever-growing group of fans and is going to make sure his music continues to make waves globally throughout the Christian RnB scene.


You can watch the accompanying music video to “GOODBYE LOV3R” below’




JUM3E, is a British/Nigerian Christian R’n’B singer/songwriter who was raised in South East London. His slowed and reverb sound, over a Trap/RnB beat has been causing a major stir online.


Coming from a half Muslim/Christian background, JUM3E first began singing from a young age at church, as a member of the praise and worship team. At 12, he joined a dance group and developed his own unique style of dancing and body movement. Within 2 years, JUM3E was teaching his style to others, choreographing dance routines and even being requested abroad for one-to-one tuition.


After secondary school, JUM3E, became a professional dancer, appearing in videos and in several live shows around London. However, he was not happy supressing his love of music and he continued singing on the side, in a few music groups. 


After receiving some local success performing as a group, JUM3E went solo and won a singing competition. This was when he was given his first taste of recording his first song in a professional studio. The song was received positively and JUM3E then went on to perform at several festivals and live events, including the Apple Store Regents Street and the Unity of Faiths Festival in front of over 10,000 people.


However, in 2015, JUM3E went into depression and stopped music and dancing completely. It was in this dark time he was introduced to the slowed and reverb sound. He began recording in his bedroom in his own studio and started writing some personal and introspective songs to God. He began to rebuild his self-esteem and found a new sense of purpose.


In 2018, JUM3E began independently releasing songs, including “Falsetto” and “Raindrops”, which reached No. 1 on the UK Christian Music Charts. Taking inspiration from RnB legends such as Dru Hill, Brandy and Kirk Franklin, the blue haired singer had truly found his calling. After more positive feedback, he filmed several music videos to these songs, which have now received combined views of nearly 10k on his own channel.


As an accomplished dancer, JUM3E’s music is not merely about the songs but is a seamless combination of theatrical choreography, multi-media conceptualization and a polished rendition of what one could call gospel R’n’Bass trap music.


Now in 2020, JUM3E understands that he must continue to use his God given talents to bless other and give God his glory. JUM3E has big plans for 2021 and will continue to curate new content for his supporters and fans. 


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