Exclusive: Interview With Tenni Owoeye

Tenni Owoeye talks about her journey into Gospel Music and other interesting things.

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Tenni, (Teniola Owoeye) is an exceptional blend of graces.


She wears many hats among which are – singer, songwriter, composer, worship trainer and prophetic minister of the gospel with an impeccable track record of excellence.


Tenni has been devoted to honoring God and blessing humanity with her music. Since her teenage years, she has led choral groups and also as a young adult she was a choral lead/music director, songwriter, composer, and self-taught vocalist.


Tenni is also an HR professional, humanitarian and social entrepreneur committed to helping individuals, organizations and human systems thrive and evolve through an holistic mix of solutions and interventions through her organization – Total Lifestyle.


Tenni is also the founder of Worshippers Connect an organization that embodies worship, humanitarian activities and acting as a bridge that connects believers worldwide.


They have a mandate to transform lives, systems and nations; reminding the world of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Tenni is well known within and outside the shores of Africa for her rhythmic mix of urban African mix of jazz, mild folklore and soul.


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