20 Amazing Gospel Hits That Has Brought Me Through To 2020 (Part 2)


You are God alone by William Mc Dowell – I remember the first time I listened to this song. I needed new songs on my playlist and I went online to download a few. I couldn’t listen at home because I had to run a quick errand. I was standing right outside the Army barracks in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria when this song came on. I stood at that one spot for 5 minutes just awe struck. Needless to say it was on repeat for a long time.

You are my all in all by Nichole Nordeman – I was in the adult choir already (the youngest member if I may add)by the time this song was the rave of the moment. We were having a hard time getting it. I remember the final rehearsal where Bro Alegbe kept for an extra hour because we were not getting the song. It was hard.

Jesus by Shirleyshepard– Sister Gloria always took the lead on this song. In fact our nick name for her was Mama Shirley because she had the closest voice to the gospel music artiste. Each time she sang, Sis Omowunmi conducted. We couldn’t get enough of this song so we performed it for about 4 times

Bigger than any mountain by Aimee Lambert and co – This was my younger brother’s favorite choir song. You see, he wasn’t like me who love to sing. I fact he can’t sing to save his own life. He didn’t care about the choir and stuff but this song he really did care about till today I can’t listen to this song without thinking about him.

 Jesus must be honored by Buchi– Let me just state here that Buchi gave me the excuse to dance to reggae songs and still be holy back then. Jesus must be honored was of of my favorites by the singer. I still listen to it once in a while

It is well by Buchi– Still on Buchi. This one was my Mum’s favorite. She legit sings it whenever she is worried or not having a good day. I recall one time I broke one of her favorite china plate and then she started singing it is well. In my mind I was like “seriously ma it’s not that deep”.

Glory to glory to glory by Fred Hammond – National convention in Calabar. The theme that year was glory to glory and the Lagos choir brought it. Plus we were from Lagos so we had to do a song that was hip not traditional and drab. Such vanity! Thank you God for Your mercy in our lives.

Why we sing by Kirk Franklin – This number is still new each time I listen to it. Truly timeless. Truth be told when I do not know what else to say in the place of prayer this is one of my go to songs

Center of my joy by Richard Smallwood – the original version I mean. The first edition before all the woke remakes choirs come up with. I’m not sure I have forgiven Daniel for taking the solo instead of me. Truth be told though he is a better singer.

I need an angel by Ruben Studdard – By the way, I still need an angel. Biggie my cousin loved this song o much that year during American idols that he went the length and breadth of the internet to get it. This song evokes memories of a house full of my cousins and I and all the atrocities. Only them not me. I’ve always been a child of God.

Thank you for coming along with me on this jolly ride down memory lane. Now I’ve realized I have to reach out to my junior church teachers and a few of my secondary school teachers too.

Written by:
Anthony Olushola Undiandeye

Anthony Olushola Undiandeye is a passionate and dedicated creative who finds joy in providing solutions to problems. An astute lover of God, and a critic of all things creative content creator, radio host, and social media manager.  Shola tells it as he sees it.

Credit: PolongoTv