Bless the Lord by TyeTribbett

This Is not an exaltation. In times when you do not feel like praising God because you are down and all is not going according to the plan that is when to have this song on repeat. The powerful messages in this song shift your perspective and you will suddenly realize you have more to be grateful for.


King Of Glory by Todd Dulaney ft.Shanna Wilson-Williams

The fact that Shana Wilson-Williams starting this song with amazing vocals is everything. The first verse transports you to another realm as quickly as the sound of the first note. Amazing worship song. A perfect combination of soloists. American gospel music artists are worshippers. This song is a testament.


More (Reprice) by Lawrence Flowers and intercession

Reprice versions of songs are very important in any playlist. This particular reprice is more. Just more. You can’t possibly add more. O my goodness; the riffs and runs are just on another level.


I Believe by Alexis Spight

Off the Dear Diary album which was released on the 29th of August 2015, this mid-tempo swing beat is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Alexis manages to deliver great vocalsamid all the tight instrumentation and plan background vocals.


All about You by Planet Shakers

Planetshakers is the contemporary worship music band, a central part of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia. With over 30 internationally acclaimed albums, all about you is one of our favorites of their songs.


Water by Anthony Brown

Into the holiest of holies is where this song will take you. Anthony Brown and The Group Therapy are one amazing team. Rendition after rendition they draw us closer to God in our walk with Him. It is one thing to sing. It is another to minister to souls while at it. This group does both.


Thank You, Lord, by Don Moen

Ageless. Class. Powerful and simple. Those are some of the ways to describe Don Moen and his style of music. It is no wonder he still sells out shows around the world today even when he has not recorded any song for many many years. Thank You Lord is one of these songs that won’t get old.


I won’t go Back by William Mcdowell

I won’t go back to the way it used to be, this is a very powerful song by the one and only Pastor William McDowell and it Is full of grace and power. Little wonder it ended up on this list.


Jesus by Doobie Powel

This is a laid back easy rap track that takes you back to the late 90s in terms of style and delivery. The central theme is about rising and falling and how Jesus can help us grow and resist temptations.


Shackles by Mary Mary

This list won’t be complete without hit track Shackles the duo of Mary Mary. This is the track that propelled them into lam light. Since then they have grown in leaps and bounds but whenever we see them or hear their sounds, our minds always come back to this one track.


My redeemer lives by Nicole C Mullen

 known professionally as Nicole C. Mullen,  American singer, songwriter, and choreographer. Nicole C Mullen is not a one-hit-wonder. With over 8 studio albums and several awards to boot, er delivery and vocal dexterity will always be one to reckon with. My Redeemer Lives is one of our most favorite songs of all times.


Lift Him Up by Ron Kenoly

Ron Kenoly is in the class of Don Moen and just like his later, his songs are timeless and still very relevant both in sound and message even in this generation. You have to salute the quality of work that went into producing Lift him Up. Both the single and the album.


God Be Praised by TD Jakes and The Porters House Choir

Bishop TD Jakes doesn’t sing all the time. He is not a gospel music artist. He is The Bishop. Whenever he decides to do a little singing though you better be sure it is going to be a blessing to the lives of people.


Amazing Worth by Charles Butler

Washington, D.C. native Charles Butler is a music teacher and director, as well as a vocalist and leader of the Stellar Award-nominated group Charles Butler & Trinity. With Trinity, Butler sought to raise the standard for contemporary gospel community choirs. Amazing is one of our favoritesfor the artiste and his group.


Crazy faith by John Waller

John was the lead singer for the late-1990s band According to John. After the band quit in 2001, he became a worship leader at South Link. John was also the praise leader at New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville Georgia. Released on the 11th of August 2015, Crazy Faith tells the story of a man following the instructions of God blindly because he has crazy faith in God.


Dwell Among Us by Shekinah Glory

Just like the God Be Praised track, this one too is mostly a choir rendition. The mid-tempo funk beat makes this song easily suitable for that cool evening you are driving around town or when you are taking a hike.


It Wasn’t Easy by CeceWinans

Ageless beauty and vocal powerhouse CeceWinans bares her soul in this classic hit. Carefully describing the pains and agony Jesus went through when he suffered and died for our sins, we are brought face to face with the realities of the cross. It truly wasn’t easy but it was worth it for our sake.

Emmanuel by Norman Hutchins

Norman Hutchins is an American gospel artist who started his solo music career, in 1992,. He has released ten albums in his 21 years and counting on stage. Emmanuel is an absolute favorite in the Christmas album.

Jesus take the wheel by Carrie Underwood

Winner of American Idol Season 4,  American country music singer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, author, and actress. Jesus take the wheel is in the ‘Some Hearts’ Album and is still a classic sing-along song till date.


If I tell God by Kurt Carr

High energy, powerful delivery, amazing vocals, soul searching lyrics, and some of the characteristics of this song. Gospel music artist Kurt Carroutdid himself on this one. We celebrate God in his life and ministry over the year for all the wonderful tracks that have blessed our lives.

There you have it. From volume 1 to 5, we have taken you through an amazing YouTube playlist of Christian songs you ought to have on your playlist. Many of them on repeat. Throughout these 100 songs I have reviewed, we have traveled back in time and brought you to the present. This list is however in-exhaustive and I promise we will continue. For more of these wonderful playlists, stick to POLONGO TV.

Written by:
Anthony Olushola Undiandeye

Anthony Olushola Undiandeye is a passionate and dedicated creative who finds joy in providing solutions to problems. An astute lover of God, and a critic of all things creative content creator, radio host, and social media manager.  Shola tells it as he sees it.

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