Nobody Like You Lord by Maranda Curtis

For the past three years, this worship song has stayed in out heats and lips especially when we worship. Year In and out Maranda keeps blowing us away into the presence of God. She reminds me of Nigeria’s Efe Nathan. Just saying.

Winner Man by James Okon

The United States-based Nigerian gospel music singer James Okon surely knows his onions when it comes to music. The particularly interesting fact about this track is that the chorus which forms the central theme is not a new song. No. it is an old Nigerian chorus but James remodels it in such a way that it is nearly unrecognizable any more.

Fill Us by Enny Julius

From the stables of another true born Nigerian domiciled in the state of New York in the united states of America comes this spirit-lifting worship to God. Simple in rendition and composition, you are sure to get on your knees and worship at some point.

Will You Be Ready by Minister Mex

Will you be ready is a song that talks about the preparedness we as Christians need to have for the coming f the Lord. Also loosely based on an all-time classic, the carefully composed verses and the bridge takes this all-time favorite classic to another level.

You Found Me by Dr. TJ

This is a song that captures the unconditional love of Christ. At a point in our lives, we may have experienced dark times and issues that seemed unbearable but God showed up at the nick of time. Constantly churning out quality songs, this is a man of God to watch out for.

Joy ByWunmi Music 

Wunmi music as she is popularly called is loved by many for her very danceable style of music that’s as soul-lifting as it is groovy. Joy is one of such and perhaps a fan favorite. You will surely enjoy listening to this one.

Our Saviour by SeyiOluwafemi

Seyi loves to worship his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and hopes to strengthen believers through his songs in worshiping the father unconditionally in truth and spirit. Our savior is not just a song that seeks to add to the numbers. It is truly inspiring.

Great I am by Dare David

Minister Dare David is a US-based Nigerian gospel music minister, producer, and worship leader. With humble beginnings, Dare has gotten to where he is now by the grace of God and continuous hard work. Great are You Lord is a simple worship song that is sure to get you in the mood for prayers.


You Reign by Gbenga Rotiba

The sensational worship leader currently serves in a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God based in The United States of America.

In his words, “You Reign is a testimony of the faithfulness and sovereignty of God over all the earth.


The Miracle Worker by JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise ft Rich Tolbert

‘You are the God of miracle, signs, and wonders; we believe in Your miracles, we believe in Your Power. This list wouldn’t be complete without this song for sure. The combined forces of JJ Haistain and the youthful Praseadds the required oomph!.

Heaven on Earth by Micah Stampley

This classic literarily evokes the feeling of heaven on earth. Micah Stampley will always be remembered for this classic hits even when he produces more smash hits. We will always remember him for giving us moments of heaven on earth.


Walking Her Home by Mark Schultz

What is this list without a romantic song? God is love and His commandment is that we love one another and that’s exactly what this song stipulates.

Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis

We all love country music. We all love to dive into the deep regularly. We also love good music and quality sounds. With all these in place, three wooden crosses by Randy Travis should be on your playlist.

Excess love remix by JJ Hairston and Mercy Chimwo

Alright, some will argue that this song should not be on this list and that the original composer is Nigerian. While all the aforementioned statements are true, remember that the original song gained worldwide recognition and had American gospel artists do covers. Also, JJ Hairston doing a remix of the song gave it more oomph and a certain gene c’est quoi which catapulted the song to more international acclaim. To this end, this song has earned its rightful place in the American youtube playlist with over 14 million views. Convinced yet?

Give Me You by Shanon Wilson

This is a song of re-dedication to the work of God. These lyrics seek to search more and get deeper into the ways of God: A longing that should be the utmost desire of every child of God. With over 22 million views, there has to be a reason people keep going back to this song.


I Don’t Mind Waiting by Juanita Bynum

Pastor Juanita has been through it all and is still standing by the Grace of God. Despite all of these she still admonishes that we hold on and wait on God. Coming from someone who has had her fair share, it is a worthy message and a song deserving of a repeat on out playlists.

Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs

Released over 7 years ago and with over 106 million streams on YouTube, you have to wonder why this song is an all-time favorite. The likely reason is this –  there is power in the name of Jesus as well as in the song that talks about power in the name of Jesus.

When Mama prayed heaven paid attention by Randy Travis

When Mama prayed heaven paid attention. The angels spread their wings and stood prepared and once again Satan knew he’d been defeated because God had heard my dear old Mama’s prayer. When a song has words like these, we all can easily relate whether you are African, American, or not.

Oh Happy Day by Edwin Hawkins

Philip Doddridge did originally do the song in1967, Ephesian Church of God in Christ, Berkeley, California, U.S but Edwin Hawkins did a remake in the 80s. the song became popular again when WhoopieGolberg’s character did a fantastic remake in the block Buster musical; Sister’s Act. Needless to say, this song will not be forgotten any time soon.

Never Give Up by Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Yvette Adams who was born August 27, 1961, is an American gospel singer, record producer, actress, and radio host of her own nationally syndicated morning gospel show. For someone who wears many hats, never give up is one of her most downloaded and streamed songs. There is a reason it is on this list.

Written by:
Anthony Olushola Undiandeye

Anthony Olushola Undiandeye is a passionate and dedicated creative who finds joy in providing solutions to problems. An astute lover of God, and a critic of all things creative content creator, radio host, and social media manager.  Shola tells it as he sees it.

Credit: PolongoTv