EVENT REVIEW – FEARLESS 5 (The fight of my life) | TimGodfreyWorld


Every year there are some gospel events; No. Scratch that. There are some events we look forward to in Lagos Nigeria. Fearless in on the top 10 list. With the pandemic hitting hard,we had already given up on the idea of a 2020 edition so imagine our joy then when publicity materials for this year’s edition began to surface online. Virtual or not the timing for this year’s edition was perfect.

Dr Tim Godfrey is known for style, class and perfection. Through the years he has mastered his craft and this year is no exception.

Let’s break the entire event down into smaller components for a proper review shall we?


The fact that this was virtual meant that they had to take into account the mobile data of the average Nigerian or the lack of it. Also, they had to stick to the TV time slots purchased so there was no dilly-dallying. All the guest artists went straight to the point. The event started few minutes late though. Not cool.


There was a general dark ambiance with the presentations. It was all simple and devoid of any unnecessary lighting and paraphernalia. It was clear the gospel singers were given scripts and strict instructions to follow.

General organization

The switch from live cable TV stream to the YouTube stream wasn’t seamless. Not all of us had data to splurge please. For events like this it is expected that the two streams run concurrently let we the viewers decide which we was more convenient for us


Everybody was on point. Fact! From DrPanam Percy Paul reminding us of the good old days, to IBK serving it hot, to PreyeOdede prophetically scintillating us, to Phil Thompson and all the other ministers from around the world that were present, it was captivating. It was evident that everyone who ministered was focused on ministration and not praise worship singing. virtualas this event was, there was the presence of God evident.

Tim Godfrey

HE BROUGHT IT ALL! He didn’t leave any behind. God bless Dr. Tim Godfrey and the extreme crew for their performances. There was something for everybody to take home from this event. You learnt something and experienced many more be it skill, anointing, innovation, showmanship, attention to details or even innovation.

After all, is said and done, FEARLESS 2020 was a major success. We are already anticipating next year’s edition.

PS: we hope the experience will hold this year though. Virtual or not.