Something New and Refreshing: The Chapman Project


Rowan Chapman is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. As a young boy, Rowan had a love for music and found that he had a musical gift.  His father was a musician as well.  Rowan grew up in the church and was taught the importance and value of music to a church service.  

Rowan’s ministry was birth in his early 20’s out of some of life’s most difficult hurts and pains in which he became a new and surrendered vessel. Rowan miraculous recovery from a brain tumor in the late 90’s afforded him much time in the presence of the Lord. During this dark season, Rowan acknowledges having learned a very valuable lesson of stepping out of arrogance and into a new creation.  He understood that he was created to worship.  It was during that time that he began writing songs that he believed were inspired by God.   

Known as the bass man with runs like no other, Rowan has been privileged to accompany many local and national artists as a bassist over the past 30 years to  include Donnie McClurkin, Mariette Brown Clark, The James Cleveland Workshop Choir of American, Gospel Music Workshop Choir, Ronald, BeBe and CeCe Winans at the Anniversary of Robert Nahwah Smith, and many more. 

In The Chapman Project, Rowan shares his gifts as a singer, songwriter, gospel producer, bassist and arranger. Rowan tastefully samples his gifting including songs that are interspersed with Jazz interludes of dramatic dialogue. The Project clearly displays talent with it’s up to the minute irresistible grooves, guidance of the Holy Spirit, and uplifting gospel message. It uniquely brings to the table an ushering into worship, surrendering of struggle, and focus on victory in Jesus.  

Rowan’s work as a writer, producer and arranger is on the rise.  Doors are opening and Rowan plans to continue striving for excellence as he brings glory to God’s name

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Stream, Download & Share

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