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Brent Richardson Bio

Brent Richardson was born in Trinidad. As a young man, Brent began playing the steel pan in high school. His early influences included jazz musicians such as Othello Molineaux, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Robert Greenidge and Ken “Professor Philmore. After becoming the high school bandleader, Brent went on to join one of the most prominent steel orchestras in Trinidad and Tobago, Vat “19” Fonclaire Steel Orchestra, with whom he performed for the first time abroad at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, and the Du Maurier Jazz Festival in Toronto, Canada. He also recorded on Fonclaire Steel Orchestra’s Pan Jazz album.

Brent then went on to join the TCL Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra when he performed throughout Europe and Asia.

After returning from tour Brent decided to form his own band, Pantastic International Steel Band which performed in Japan and Walt Disney World in Florida.

In 1996, Brent ventured into the Cruise line Industry where he performed on various cruise ships- (Carnival; Holland America and Princess Cruise Lines). During this time period he developed his vocal ability which puts him in the category of steel band musicians who both play and sing.

Although influenced by jazz music, Brent’s repertoire includes reggae, calypso, R&B, Caribbean jazz, soca bossa nova, etc ..

In 2008 Brent got his calling to Christ and since then, he has migrated to Toronto Ontario Canada where he worships at the United SBC in the role of Deacon elect, his Spiritual life incorporates his carnal life where Music continues to be his passion, His rendition Christ the Solution, Was written after seeing what has been taking place in the world and how Governments have totally remove God out of schools and public places, this is his only way to voice his feelings that without God in our everyday lives . We are nothing.

Inspiration of the Song- Christ the Solution

I was inspired to write Christ the Solution based on what is currently going on in the world, and that now more than ever our only Solution is Christ.

I am blessed to have travelled throughout the Caribbean and around the world and my observation on what was taking place and how the word of God is being suppressed, even today as I take a look at what the world is experiencing, I look back at the repercussions we face by denying the word of God being distributed freely in, Schools and other nstitutions, I want to encourage everyone that Christ is the Only Solution today, tomorrow and every day.

With God all things are possible.

This song has inspired me to share with the world that without God in our lives every day, we are nothing. We desperately need God in our lives to unite us as a nation.

Only Christ is the Solution to unite our broken Nation of the wars we are currently fighting-illness, crimes, prostitution and drugs.

Hope this song inspires everyone as much as it inspired me to write the lyrics.

God bless you all from the Islandman B

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