Declare Yourself Healed | Dr. Cindy Trimm


In this prayer, Dr. Cindy Trimm proclaims the world of life pertaining to God’s promise of healing as found in scripture. Speaking out declarations form the word of God, Dr. Trimm prays anointed words over your life activating the power of God for healing in every area

God wants you to live without pain—experiencing optimum peace and health. These prophetic words spoken by Dr. Trimm are capable of stirring up the fullness of God’s blessing for manifestation in your life. You don’t have to wait another day, because the power of The Great Physician resides within you! Exercise your faith and declare yourself healed!

Watch Video Below:

Joining Dr. Trimm is the anointed voice of Jeannette Bayardelle on the song “Healing Running Through My Veins” with lyrics written by Marie Bayardalle-Butler.

During the global pandemic known as the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, this prayer is a strategy to help instill hope and faith in people around the world as we overcome this virus together.