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Agbenimagbenisubu means “the one who carries and will not cause to fall.” Once, I was holding my son’s hands and I tripped on something and fell. I scraped my knee but he scraped his face badly because I unintentionally took him down with me. As humans, we are fallible.

Not only do we fail and hurt ourselves, we often hurt other innocent people around us. But here’s the thing, the Bible says in Jude 1:24 that God is the one able to keep us from falling. Christ Jesus is the one person who can carry you and not let you fall as a beloved child. And we all need that. We need the Agbenimagbenisubu. That’s my name for Him.



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Tomi Favored is a singer, a BMI songwriter, musician, and growing producer with 6 albums released progressively from 2014 to present.

Currently credited with 70+ (and increasing) personal copy-written/registered songs, various artist collaborations from “Awamaridi with Nathaniel Bassey to international commercial and ad voiceovers to third-party, background vocal work on secular projects like the movie “Sparkle that featured the late Whitney Houston.

You can find her active on social media from Facebook and Instagram to her blog on www.tomifavored.com

Her music is available online on most platforms including Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Googleplay, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, iHeartRadio, etc.

Outside of music and family, Tomi is a public speaker, writer, and published author of two books available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon & Kindle to Barnes & Noble & Kobo.

Her life’s desire is to draw souls to Jesus for salvation, and worship God unswervingly in Spirit and Truth with all she does.

Tomi Favored is a happy wife to dynamic saxophonist Seyi Alesh, and is also a grateful mother to 2 very vibrant toddlers.

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Written by Tomi Favored

Produced by Wale Owoade