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Hamilton, Ontario Canada based contemporary Christian and Gospel music duo, Folarin & Keziah have their debut full length album ‘Relentless’ out now on all online music platforms. Released on December 6, 2019, Relentless is a 14-track album written, arranged and produced by Folarin & Keziah with co-producer Tomide Oyebola under their independent label; God Colors Media Inc.

The album involved songwriting contributions from Stephen Lewis and Alynthia Lewis (Legacy Music House). Some of the most sought after Production Engineers in Canada contributed to the project including Amy King White who recorded the background vocals and instrumentals at Grant Avenue studios, Roy Oomen of Silent Stone Music recorded the lead vocals at ADS Media. Additional vocals and music production were recorded by Samuel Williams at SamSound Production Studios.

The 14-track effort is a mix of multiple genres from praise and worship to contemporary gospel to soft rock, gospel funk and contemporary Christian music. ‘Relentless’ reflects a 5-year creative process and pays homage to the experience of Folarin & Keziah as praise and worship leaders in Nigeria, England and Canada.

The album starts with the triumphant instrumental introductory track ‘The King Is Here’ followed by their first released single ‘Jesus Is Alive’ a high octane, riff-filled and funk-soaked song” (A & R Factory). Other tracks includes: ‘God God God’ which is also a high-energy praise song of declaration on the album. The title track ‘Relentless’ echoes the sound and passion of King Solomon when praying at the dedication of the temple in 1 Kings 8. On this track, Folarin & Keziah sing about their response to the God who always keeps His personal word and promise to love us relentlessly.
The duo also remastered their solo singles ‘You Deserve’ and ‘Surrendering All’ for the album.

‘Mighty God’ their own take on traditional hymn-like symphony speaks about the sovereignty of God and composed as a choir piece reflective of music from artists like Richard Smallwood. In ‘Send the Rain’, Folarin & Keziah offer up a prayer for refreshing, revival and renewal. The track was graced by Apostle Goodheart O. Ekwueme as he delivered the spoken work on Send the Rain’s spoken word track. Staying true to their core and upbringing on old time favorites, the album featured a mash-up of the hymn ‘Marvelous (Stand Amazed)’ on ‘Marvelous’ and ‘Draw me Nearer’ on ‘Deeper and Higher’.

‘You Are My God’ is a declaration about how personal God is and recently nabbed a nomination for the 2020 GMA Canada, Covenant Awards. To take it home, the album concludes with a ‘Relentless Reprise’ and ‘Relentless Outro’ which is a twist of the title track “Relentless”.
This album was written for the audience of one (God) and Folarin & Keziah invite you to join them in this festival of praise, worship and thanksgiving. Relentless is now available on all online platforms: https://linktr.ee/RelentlessbyFolarinandKeziah and through Folarin & Keziah’s website: www.folarinandkeziah.com.

1. Into – The King Is Here
2. Jesus Is Alive
3. Relentless
4. Mighty God
5. You Deserve
6. Send The Rain
7. Send The Rain (spoken word) featuring Apostle Goodheart O. Ekwueme
8. God God God
9. You Are My God
10. Surrendering All
11. Marvellous
12. Deeper & Higher
13. Relentless Reprise
14. Relentless Outro

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Hamilton Ontario based contemporary Christian/Gospel duo; Folarin & Keziah, defy traditional norms as they burst unto the Canadian music scene with their eclectic style of high energy, exuberant praise, heart-felt and passionate worship. This Covenant Award nominated duo are set to take it to the next level with the much anticipated release of their debut album ‘Relentless’ which promises to be laced with songs of praise, worship, adoration and devotion to God, all written and performed in a way that resonates universally with everyone.

Upon relocating to Canada in 2012, Folarin & Keziah started sensing a call to take their music beyond the traditional setting of the local church in a bid to reach not only the churched but the unchurched as well.  “We started meeting and making friends with lots of people that were into mainstream music. They showed interest and so much support for our music but quite reluctant to come to church”. They soon went to work creating a fresh sound with broad appeal working with the likes of Amy King White of Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton and Samuel Williams of Samsound Productions, Toronto.

Building a reputation for themselves in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada, Folarin & Keziah were soon acknowledged as singers/songwriters and worshippers that are sensitive to the multicultural needs of the modern church and able to speak to the diversity pervasive and celebrated in the Canadian society.

2019 was the big breakthrough year for Folarin & Keziah, with the release of their first single and acclaimed praise and worship anthem “Jesus Is Alive”. This release was followed by three more singles “You Deserve”, “You Are My God” and “Surrendering All”. “You Are My God” recently earned a nomination in the “Gospel Song of the Year” category in the 41st Annual Covenant Awards Nominations for the Gospel Music Association (GMA) Canada. Folarin & Keziah also started their own independent music label God Colors Media Inc. to produce, publish and promote their music.

The music produced by the duo was born out of the need to write, produce and perform original music content that cuts across multiple genres of music from contemporary gospel, to praise and worship, to Christian pop and soft rock. Folarin & Keziah have a passion to write songs that invites heaven to earth while also evoking a response to God’s relentless love, grace and mercy. Based on their experience of living and leading praise and worship in Nigeria, England and Canada, Folarin & Keziah are intentional about transcending the boundaries of color, culture and creed so that everyone can experience the love and forgiveness of God.

Folarin & Keziah have a heart for God and people. They express their music genuinely from the heart in a way that combines art, scripture, and song in perfect unison. Folarin & Keziah’s unique style includes melodic hooks, deft arrangements, and lush harmonies that provide the right foundation to support the core of each song.

The duo will be releasing their debut album “Relentless” in December 2019, followed by a Relentless tour through major cities in Canada and Internationally. Catch up with Folarin & Keziah and learn more about their music and activities on:



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